Meet Russ Sherman.

Lifting his first dumbbell while still in diapers, he was cursed with a passion for the weights and began finding himself in the gym morning and night. The time would come where he would use all his trial-by-fire experiences to help others achieve their best body, best mindset, best health and best life. Utilizing Nutrition and Exercise… and building a mind strong enough to take your body to whatever level you could dream of. Being that he loved being in the gym all the time he had to find a way to make it a successful career. He found a school that would give him the education to start this path. After graduation he would land the job of his dreams and from there he would continue to get every certification that dealt with health and fitness, later graduating from the largest holistic Nutrition health school in the world. After learning that exercise wasn’t the end all, be all, he went back to the drawing board looking to find a mentor that could offer the tools he desired. Five years later he found that someone that would provide life changing tools to all his clients. Now he thrives on 4 key components to all his clients’ success:

  1.     Nutrition,
  2.     Exercise,  
  3.     Mental fitness and
  4.     Life Transformation

He is a Master Level Trainer with extensive experience in leading creative new fitness markets through cross marketing and education. Having spent 5 years with Lifetime Fitness serving the Fitness industry and the prior 10+ years as a Fitness entrepreneur; He is a recognized, results driven business leader skilled at shaping strategies, cross marketing, public relations, setting culture, building winning teams, planning, and execution. His experience includes but not limited to leading Fitness Professionals in the Western states, and creating dynamic Fitness programs that change lives daily. He has been particularly effective in building high performing fitness entrepreneurs, teams and expanding Fitness Professionals knowledge base while driving profitability and managing multiple dynamics. Additional experience also includes substantial interaction with business owners, executives, and visionary entrepreneurs. One of his core competencies is leading creative change and innovating niche dynamics, which is critical given the constantly shifting Fitness Industry. He is in the business of helping people become their absolute best through fitness, nutrition and helping create a life with purpose through Life Coaching by integrating very specific modalities and programs that fit their personality type and their personal enjoyment. Russ also enjoyed playing sports throughout his young life, and he takes pride in creating young athletes through specific modes and modalities. His objectives are to get all his clients to their desired results and to build long-term relationships by over delivering his products and services. He continues to chase his dream of becoming a IFBB PRO Competitor, while being a father of twin boys and 1 baby girl.  He has received 1st place,2nd place, 3rd place, and 4th place in competitive Bodybuilding and 1st and 2nd in Men’s Physique, and he is headed to Nationals at the end of 2018. A few of his certifications include the following:

  •    Certified Weight Loss Specialist,
  •    Certified Personal Trainer,
  •    Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist,
  •    Certified Holistic Life Coach,
  •    Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach,
  •    Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist,
  •    Certified Corporate Fitness Coach,
  •    Certified Life Purpose Coach,
  •    Certified Goal Success Coach,
  •    Certified Canfield Trainer (The Success Principles)
  •    Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator For Life Coaches.