Personal Training is one of the most mis understood life and body changing services in the world. With 1 in 3 obese people in the world, with diseases from A-Z and with the biggest rate of mental disabilities in world. Personal Training has the ability not only to help change your body but and change your mind and may prevent you from many diseases that we face today. This biggest key in personal training is finding the right coach that fits with your personality and has the credentials to help you come out on top. Here at the Russ Sherman Coaching we take pride in making sure we have the best qualified training in the state. Act Now and receive full movement screen at no cost. Here at Russ Sherman Coaching we offer a very Dynamic approach to personal training. Services include the following:

One-on-One personal training

One-on-one personal training is put in place for those of you that like the one on one attention and more specific personalized instruction to get you to  desired results. We focus on certain steps and progressions to ensure a no injury result-based program.

  • First phase: We focus on stability flexibility balance and core strength.
  • Second phase:  We focus on hypertrophy and maximizing your strength.
  • Third phase:  We focus on stability flexibility balance core hypertrophy and Agility to maximize your body’s fullest potential.
  • Fourth phase: We focus on maintaining, we create a program that you can maintain muscle growth and fat loss while doing exercises  that you love to do. Every person is very different so the best way for us as fitness professionals to build you a results based program  is for you to come in and get our fully customized  complimentary consultation,  to ensure build you the best program possible. Prices vary  depending on your personal goals and how many times a week you would like to go please contact us for your free consultation.

Group Training:

Group training allows you to exercise with your friends and family or a group of like-minded individuals looking to maximize their health and fitness goals. This allows you to be able to progress with your friends and hold each other accountable, also motivating each other to fulfill your fullest potential. you have the option to pick out your group or we can help you find a group to enjoy exercise and nutrition together. We like our groups to consist of 4-6 people  of your choice or we can help you out.  Also this is a lot more affordable option.

In-home training:

Don’t like the gym atmosphere?  That’s perfectly ok and normal,  we take pride in making sure your training experience is in the comfort of your own home. Our trainers will come to your home and take you through a very specific program to ensure the results you desire. If this is something that you are interested in, please call our director and he will help you understand the process of in-home personal training